Writing a letter to your teacher! 2

Hi everyone!!!

Now you are ready to write a letter introducing yourself. (Write about  90-100 words).

The letter should be addressed to me:  So, you will start it like this:

Dear Miss Karina....

Paragraph 1: Mention who you are (your name, age, where you are from, the school where you attend classes).

Paragraph 2: Say why you are writing, explaining why you are coming to classes and why English is important to you.

Paragraph 3: Mention things you like and don´t like, describe your family, friends, sports and more !!!!

Paragraph 4: Write what thing you expect to achieve this year in our classes, areas you want to succeed in, plans for the future, etc.

Then you should end with a suitable phrase, such as:

See you soon,

See you next class, 

Best wishes, etc.

 and your signature, of course!

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