Unit 2 - Festivals

Let's watch and learn more about some famous festivals!!

                             Battle of the Oranges!! (funny)

Alien Festival (weird)

Monkey Buffet (messy)

Cheese Rolling ( hilarious)

Which Festival would you like to take part in?????

Unit 1: Talents and Hobbies

Hi there!!! Talking about talents...have a look at this boy.

After  watching the video answer:
  • Can he play the guitar?
  • Do you think he has a great talent?? Why?/ Why not?
  • Could you play the guitar like that?
  • How does he feel?

Now wrtie about you:


Writing a letter to your teacher! 2

Hi everyone!!!

Now you are ready to write a letter introducing yourself. (Write about  90-100 words).

The letter should be addressed to me:  So, you will start it like this:

Dear Miss Karina....

Paragraph 1: Mention who you are (your name, age, where you are from, the school where you attend classes).

Paragraph 2: Say why you are writing, explaining why you are coming to classes and why English is important to you.

Paragraph 3: Mention things you like and don´t like, describe your family, friends, sports and more !!!!

Paragraph 4: Write what thing you expect to achieve this year in our classes, areas you want to succeed in, plans for the future, etc.

Then you should end with a suitable phrase, such as:

See you soon,

See you next class, 

Best wishes, etc.

 and your signature, of course!

Writing a letter to your teacher! 1

Hello everyone!!!

Are you ready to watch a video on how to write a friendly letter!!

All right! So, watch the video and take into account the tips and information included.

After watching you will be able to write YOUR letter to me!!!

Good luck!


SONG: ´Just the way you are´ by Bruno Mars

Hi everyone!

Watch, listen and complete the activities!!! 


UNIT 1: Present Simple

Hi everyone!

Let´s watch this video to revise 

the rules and practice!!!!

LISTENING Activity: Choose the correct picture

Hi there!

Are you ready to start? 

So, watch, listen and choose the correct alternative!!!!


Welcome to 3rd Children 2016!!!

Let's enjoy our clases together!!! Have a wonderful year!

Miss Karina and Miss Claudia